Frequently Asked Questions



What is granite?
Granite is a dense, coarse-grained stone and one of the hardest materials on earth. Its luster, hardness, colors and variations are all indications of the stone’s mineral composition and origin. Most have pits or fissures that are inherent to the stone and are part of its rich natural texture and beauty.

How durable is granite?
Granite is extremely durable. The only stone harder than granite is a diamond.

Can the surface be scratched?
Granite can only be scratched by another piece of granite or by a diamond.

Can granite be burned?
Granite is completely heat resistant and can withstand temperatures upwards of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can granite be stained?
To prevent staining, seal your granite countertop on a regular basis. Be sure to wipe up spills immediately. When the granite is wet, it may appear darker in color.

Can the pits or fissures of the stone be removed?
The pits and fissures are random pronounced markings common to some stones and can not be removed during fabrication.

How do I maintain my granite countertops?
Use a mild soap and water or a professional natural stone cleaner for daily use. Do not use abrasive cleaners. To ensure the beauty of your granite countertop, it should be sealed every year.